LAMà totems and Clic’N-Green shop shelves and displays

The LAMà and Clic-N-Green solutions developed and patented by Marin’s International are light-weight and ecological totems and shop display solutions for in-store POS marketing made of eco-friendly and recyclable cardboard. They combine large marketing surfaces for images and texts with easy to build and stock shelf space. The LAMà totems take mere seconds to set up and the Clic’N-Green shelves can be assembled in only a couple of minutes. The Clic’N-Green retail display shelves can carry up to 35 kg per shelf.

The LAMà totems are available in a number of different sizes and shapes including foldable basic models, multi-part sets and even structures that look like the product being sold. The possibilities are practically endless! The Clic’N-Green shelves also offer several size and shape options. True to the Marin’s brand, the Clic’N-Green shelves have all the typical and superior features the manufacturer is known for: lightness, storage and transport in a small space as well as quick and easy in-store installation. Using a retail display cannot get much easier than this! Get in touch for a solution that is perfect for you.

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We also offer shops a direct shelving and logistics service for the Clic’N-Green shelves.
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Jorma Nylander
Sales ManagerPoint-of-sale marketing, Large-format printing
Jorma NylanderSales Manager