Addressed direct marketing
in the right place at the right time

With Hansaprint’s service, you can target your message to the right person and target group at the right time in four colours. Our digital printing technology makes it possible to produce printed products customised for the recipient easily and cost-efficiently.

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Personalise your campaigns

A custom message attracts the recipient’s attention, whether it is an offer, campaign product launch or a reminder of vehicle inspection. Our four-colour customisable printing technology makes it possible to produce a message that appeals to the recipient both verbally and visually. You can target the brands and four-colour images you want personally at each recipient—in addition to conventional changing texts, address fields and black-and-white images.

Fit for purpose images

By using image customisation, text can be embedded in the petals of a flower or almost any other object (for example, a Christmas campaign could include the recipient’s name in gingerbread letters). Image customisation makes a campaign impressive and personal. It is well suited for demanding printed products whose attention value needs to be increased further.

Contact our specialists. Let’s make successful personalised messages together.

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