Cost-efficient books and product manuals

Hansaprint offers a service concept that makes it possible to order both small and large book batches cost-efficiently. Our on-demand production guarantees the availability of books exactly when they are needed. Additional batches can be produced easily based on the actual demand for the book. This means warehouse and disposal costs are minimised. Our customer’s book production is sustainable and ecological.

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Benefits of on-demand printing

Printing additional batches at a standard unit price

With our flexible order and delivery process, our customers can keep their book offering continuously optimised. Additional batches are printed at a standard unit price, and the delivery time is short. The size of the book batch ordered can range from a few dozen copies to hundreds of copies. We print softcover books within four business days, while the production time for hardcover books is ten business days.

Easy updates for books

Hansaprint’s electronic HansaBook service concept is excellent for book products containing information that needs to be updated occasionally. Thanks to flexible new editions, the information contained by the products is kept up to date and there is no book waste caused by obsolete information anymore.

Demand-based product manuals

On-demand printing is particularly well suited for the production of product manuals and guidebooks. Product manuals can be printed based on the sales of the customer’s main product. This provides clear cost-savings as additional storage costs are reduced and capital is not tied to the storage of manuals.

You can flexibly order the printed product based on actual demand, ecologically and cost-efficiently.

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Customer serviceBooks and product manuals
Eveliina SalmiCustomer service
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Customer serviceBooks and product manuals
Harri SetäläCustomer service
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