Quality and the environment

Hansaprint aims to develop the quality and environmental responsibility of its operations over the long term. We also require all of our partners to have a responsible approach to quality and the environment.

The company has
- a certified ISO 14001 quality and environmental management system
- ISO 9001 quality system certificate (since 1996)
- Right to use the Nordic Swan label (since 1993)
- Right to use the PEFC forest certificate
- Right to use the EU Ecolabel

The Regional State Administrative Agency issued an environmental permit for our Turku plant on 4 March 2016.

The key points in our management of quality and environmental matters are:

- monitoring and complying with legislation and regulations issued by the authorities
- proactively reducing material wastage and energy consumption in our in-house and our customer’s process
- by utilising a needs-based production model, by developing production methods
- and by utilising appropriate materials
- entire personnel’s commitment to the set goals

Hansaprint’s quality policy

Hansaprint develops and produces high-quality printed products. The aims of Hansaprint’s business operations are to:

- ensure our customers’ satisfaction and
- profitability of our operations
- by providing flawless and competitive as well as
- ecologically produced products and services
- when agreed to our customers.

This means that

- all of the phases of our operational and production processes serve the following phase as their customer,
- each person is responsible for the quality of their own work and activities as well as for ensuring that defective work, products or services are not processed forward,
- we continuously develop our printed products, services, organisation and operating methods to achieve these goals.
- in particular, we monitor and measure complaints and delivery reliability

The suppliers of materials, services and investment commodities are an essential part of our supply chain. We require our suppliers to develop high-quality quality management systems.

At Hansaprint, every one of us is responsible for the high quality of our work and compliance with the schedules.

Hansaprint’s environmental policy

Continuous improvement of the level of environmental management is one of the business objectives set by Hansaprint Oy’s management. We commit to preventing the contamination of the environment and mitigating the negative impact on the environment.

We continuously develop our operating models:

- by complying with legislation and regulations issued by the authorities and monitoring changes in them,
- by complying with the requirements set by the Nordic Swan label and the EU Ecolabel,
- by setting and achieving demanding environmental goals and objectives each year,
- by informing our customers of ecological options and
- developing the environmental management system.

We mitigate the environmental impact of production by reducing emissions and the amount of waste generated and by increasing the efficiency of the use of raw materials, energy and other resources. In particular, we are committed to reducing material wastage and improving energy efficiency. In choosing the suppliers of materials, services and investment commodities, we prefer companies that are aware of environmental protection.

We instruct and encourage our entire personnel to take the environment into account. Every Hansa employee is responsible for reducing the burden on the environment.

We also evaluate the performance of our company based on our negative environmental impact and openly and proactively communicate about our objectives, measures and their impact on the environment.