Instructions – Addressed direct marketing

Most common matters to be taken into account in preparing variable-data materials. The following information is required for print jobs containing variable data in addition to the static background materials (PDF, InDesign):
• Order, print instructions
• Layout proof with all of the variable fields marked (e.g. low-res pdf)
• Customisation table
• Field-separated data (XLS, CSV, TXT)
• The title descriptions must correspond with the names of the fields marked in the layout proof
• If the database is comprised of several Excel files, they all must have the same structure
• The Excel file is submitted in text format so that the prefix zeros of postcodes are kept
• The data only includes the data to be used
• Record description of the print file
• Colour and layout proof if the materials include colour-critical elements or special layouts (print)

For additional information, please consult your contact person.

Transfer of materials
Use the server for transferring materials; user credentials are available from your contact person.

You can also submit materials using a www form:
username: hpupload
password: Transfer9

Remember to send a message about the file transfer to:
Use the job number or another clear identifier as a reference.