Hansaprint recently planned and implemented the visual appearance for an international congress in Vanajanlinna.

Hansaprint recently planned and implemented the visual appearance, 3D signage and printed materials for an international CPX Group congress at the end of May 2019. The event took place in historical Vanajanlinna in Hämeenlinna, with participants coming from twelve countries around the world.

The idea was to create a visual appearance suitable to the historical setting of Vanajanlinna. Signs and participant name tags looked like coat of arms, with the signs being built with the help of hay poles and birch trees. Event logos were visible as creative 3D logos in the main meeting hall. A red carpet and colorful flags pointed the way to the Factory Tour. Meeting table name signs were printed and milled of birch plywood. Finally, the Northern Lights were recreated in the meeting hall ceiling with the help of led lights.

According to Mr. Tatsuo Kotani, President of ISETO Corporation (Japan) and a founding member of CPX Group, the visual decoration elements created an atmosphere of great co-operation and inspired the participants during the intense working days of congress.

”The visual event appearance created by Hansaprint received an enthusiastic welcome by the participants. You have raised the bar even higher for future Working Meetings of the CPX Group”, says CPX Group’s General Manager Fraser Church from the UK.

”As we put considerable effort into the detailed planning and implementation of the visual appearance, we were able to create an atmosphere suitable for both the event and setting. It helped create an engaging event and a more rewarding experience in general, thus helping the event to achieve its goals”, says Hansaprint’s Client Engagement Director Harri Kalliokoski.

Hansaprint offers innovative visual solutions to events and working spaces. Changing the atmosphere and experience of an office space does not need to be a heavy and long process and can be done by thoughtfully applying new ideas to different surfaces