Online shop for marketing materials

HansaWeb is a browser-based service which gives our customers the power to manage the ordering, production and logistics of their marketing materials. HansaWeb provides an easy and systematic approach to user and item management, version control, ordering, material management, storage and logistics as well as creating and managing campaigns. The customer can save the materials in our system and place orders for the products as necessary. This optimises the use of stock-bound capital, promotes the use of marketing materials and simplifies brand management.

The amount of available printed products can easily be monitored online. The system issues an alarm if the stock level falls below the agreed threshold. Monitoring keeps warehousing costs optimal, and shortages and waste are eliminated.

With HansaWeb, all parties involved in procurement are kept up to date on the inventory level and different phases of the value chain.

Benefits for the marketing department

• Centralised management of items and versions of marketing materials
• User management, order history, stock balance and logistics
• Uniform visual look
• Preparation of campaign orders for retailers
• Optimisation of order batches and stock-bound capital
• Insight into store activities

Benefits for the stores

• Shop-specific orders on marketing materials
including signs, banners, security alarm gates, stands, labels, posters, shelf wobblers and price communication
• Possibility for customised products (e.g. opening hours, shop name, shop ID, region identifier)
• Order tracking
• Order history

Parts of the HansaWeb tool

1. The main user view is intended for creating, defining and managing the ordered products.
2. The order view allows anyone in the organisation to order finished products to different locations as necessary.

HansaWeb integration

HansaWeb can be integrated into the customer’s own systems, making it possible to enable SSO for the users in the company’s active directory.

Contact our specialists. We will be happy to demonstrate how HansaWeb can boost the ordering, use and tracking of marketing materials and improve brand management.

Taisto Junkkari
Sales and Development ManagerBooks and product manuals, Direct Mail, Logistics services, Security Printing
Taisto JunkkariSales and Development Manager
Tommi Ketola
Sales DirectorPoint-of-sale marketing, Large-format printing, Direct Mail, Transactional printing
Tommi KetolaSales Director