HansaInSite is Hansaprint’s browser-based service for its customers, allowing you to transmit print-ready PDF files and then review and accept the materials page by page. The user friendliness of InSite is enhanced by the fact that you can use it anywhere with an internet connection.

HansaInSite also allows sending files instead of ftp transfer. Alternatively, the customer can send the pages via FTP, with the files automatically transferred to InSite.

In the normal case, the HansaInSite workflow is automated so that, in practice, the pages are immediately transferred to HansaInSite after they are sent, and you will also be immediately informed of whether the files work. A separate preflight function can be added to the workflow, providing more detailed information about any technical warnings or errors. The automated process requires the files to be named according to the agreed practice so that the system can place the pages according to the page number.

The HansaInSite workflow requires the files to be approved by the customer. In the approval phase, the pages have already been processed by Hansaprint. If you notice an error with a page upon reviewing it, you can reject the page and replace it with a new one. Once you have approved all of the pages, this means that Hansaprint can continue its own prepress process. If you are interested in our InSite service, please ask your contact person at Hansaprint for additional information.

NOTE! An InSite iPad application is also available for InSite for tablet use.
You can download the Kodak InSite app from App Store. The iPad application is not a full version of InSite, but you can use it to, for example, review and approve the pages.

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