Version management, ordering, logistics and warehousing of printing products can be managed with our electronic tool.

HansaDeli is an online and mobile electronic tool that allows our customers to easily maintain the version management of their products and manage their order, logistics and warehouse needs. The customer can save the materials in our system and place orders for the products as necessary.

The amount of available printed products can be easily monitored online. The system issues an alarm if the stock level falls below the agreed threshold. Monitoring keeps warehousing costs optimal, and shortages and waste are eliminated.

With our versatile service, all parties involved in procurement are kept up to date with the inventory level and different phases of the value chain.

The HansaDeli system is comprised of two parts:

1. The main user view is intended for creating, defining and managing the ordered products.
2. The order view allows anyone in the organisation to order finished products to different locations as necessary.

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Eveliina Salmi
Customer serviceBooks and product manuals
Eveliina SalmiCustomer service
Taisto Junkkari
Sales and Development ManagerBooks and product manuals, Direct Mail, Logistics services, Security Printing
Taisto JunkkariSales and Development Manager
Tommi Ketola
Sales ManagerPoint-of-sale marketing, Large-format printing, Direct Mail, Transactional printing
Tommi KetolaSales Manager