Hansaprint Oy

Hansaprint is a visual communication, marketing logisitcs, direct mail marketing and heatset printing multitalent. We serve our customers with a wide and diverse range of products and services.

  • Visual communication. Whether it’s point-of-sale marketing, a product launch, updating brand image or freshening an office, Oli kyseessä myymälämarkkinointi, tuotelanseeraus, ilmeen uudistaminen tai toimiston tuunaus, you’ll find a solution from
  • Hansaprint large format printing services.
  • Direct mail marketing. Precisely targeted and personalized, or delivered to every home, we offer it all.
  • Books and product manuals. Our on-demand based solution is perfectly suited for publishers’ needs today. For an industrial company it is essential to get the exact right manual to production, just on time. Hansaprint has vast experience in this.
  • Catalogues and magazines. Catalogues are still an excellent medium to raise interest, and there’s no better reading experience than with a printed glossy magazine.
  • Marketing logistics. Online tool for ordering, managing and delivering physical marketing materials.

In addition we provide services for transaction printing, security printed products and forms. Online ordering systems complement our multi-channel customer service.

Identifying and fulfilling our customer’s needs is at the core of everything we do. From the point of view of our customer, our service is often part of a larger entity. We cooperate with our customers to find the implementation models with which Hansaprint’s products and services can support the customer’s overall process with the maximum smoothness and cost efficiency.

Hansaprint is part of the TS Group of media companies. Hansaprint’s head office is located in Turku, Finland. Sales and customer services are located in Vantaa, Turku and Turenki. Production plants are located in Turku (conventional printing) and Turenki (digital printing). Hansaprint’s affiliated companies include the Newprint printing house in Raisio and the new media office Nitro in Turku and Helsinki. We also have an extensive network of subcontractors.

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Tel. +358 10 5422, Email: firstname.lastname@hansaprint.fi