Hansaprint Oy

Hansaprint is a Finnish printing multitalent.

We serve our customers with an extensive and diverse range of products and services. Conventional printing is represented by unaddressed direct marketing, magazines and product catalogues, among other products. We provide our customers with impressive point-of-sale marketing materials, on-demand production service, such as books and manuals for publishers and industry as well as a variety of other printed products.

We also provide services related to printed products from design to installation as well as logistics and warehouse services. Electronic order systems complement our multi-channel customer service.

Identifying and fulfilling our customer’s needs is at the core of everything we do. From the point of view of our customer, our service is often part of a larger entity. We cooperate with our customers to find the implementation models with which Hansaprint’s products and services can support the customer’s overall process with the maximum smoothness and cost efficiency.

Hansaprint is part of the TS Group of media companies. Hansaprint’s head office is located in Turku, Finland. Sales and customer services are located in Vantaa, Turku and Turenki. Production plants are located in Turku (conventional printing) and Turenki (digital printing). Hansaprint’s affiliated companies include the Newprint printing house in Raisio and the new media office Nitro in Turku and Helsinki.
For information on Hansaprint, please contact:


Tel. +358 10 5422, email: firstname.lastname@hansaprint.fi